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Our proven Credit Repair Services identifies Credit Report Errors to help correct your credit and Increase Your Credit Score for a better financial future. At Credit Builders we’ll work with you step by step on how to not only improve your credit by analyzing your credit report and helping you to remove the inaccurate marks that are impacting your credit score, but we’ll show you how to budget yourself to make sure you keep your score up.

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the problems

The biggest issue with having poor credit is all the ways that it can affect your life today, tomorrow, and in the future. I’m sure you can relate when we say the following factors have been a major road block:

  • High interest rates on your credit cards and loans
  • Difficulty getting a mortgage
  • Credit and loan applications may not be approved
  • Difficulty getting approved for an apartment
  • Security deposits on utilities
  • Difficulty finding employment
  • You can’t get a cell phone contract
  • You might get denied for employment
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Calls from debt collectors
  • Difficulty starting your own business
  • Difficulty purchasing a car
  • The average consumer doesn’t realize all the implications of a poor score, it is time to take control and become enlightened!
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Some Facts
Did You know

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have a mistake within their credit report and about 37% of people are completely unaware of their own credit score, even though it impacts so many aspects of their lives! These facts prompted us to dig deeper into a solution! Here at Credit Builders we use the laws that were put in place to protect you as the consumer, to advocate on your behalf and to do that, we have adopted a user-friendly interface which gives our clients updates on their progress every 30-45 days and educational information to keep you informed!

Well, you asked so we delivered, Credit Builders
will help you work towards achieving:

Increased credit limits
Lower interest rates on credit cards and loans
Attractive mortgage rates
More negotiating power
And so much more
We Provide
Our Services

Improving your past starts with us utilizing our expertise in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to identify your rights as a consumer and interact with the credit bureaus and creditors to remove inaccurate items from your credit report.


While repairing our clients credit reports, we guide them on what types of credit to establish while maximizing existing accounts they already have open. At this point, we make sure no stone is left unturned to achieve the best result possible.


We assign an credit experts to each of our clients, who will restore and build your report and score.

Whether you are looking for a home loan, an auto loan, a new job, a security clearance, or just want a fresh start, through credit education and guidance we will help you reach your destination.

We understand each situation is unique, so we will find out what you are trying to accomplish and then help you get there.

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Affordable Cost
Simple Pricing
Silver $79

$79 per month

One-Time Set Up Fee of $99

Award winning credit repair at a fraction of the cost

Excellent Results within 75-90 days

Gold $99

$99 per month

One-Time Set Up Fee of $199

Excellent Results within 45-60 days

Online disputing which increases the return rate of results


$149 per month 

One-Time Set Up Fee of $299

Includes everything in Gold, plus the following:

Amazing credit achieved in 90 days or less

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Our Risk-Free Guarantee
The Credit Builders 90 Day Guarantee

If we’re unable to delete any negative information from your credit report after 90 days of work, you may ask for a full refund. No questions asked. We understand that many seek our services during times of hardship and this is our way of ensuring we are only ever a positive influence during that time.

Thank you.

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